Modern equipment. Approved manufacture.
Today “Avangard” JSC is one of the most well-equipped wallpaper factories in Russia. Production facility allows making contemporary, original wallpaper collections.
“Olbrich”, “Emerson & Renwick”, “Stork” machine lines provide a possibility to use screen, gravure and flexo printing, i.e. they can produce any kind of existing to this day wallpapers of the highest quality of course!


Raw products and materials of the top standard only.
Using high-quality raw materials is the guarantee of the excellent quality of all goods. We apply to the best materials which conform to the most stringent world quality standards and health safety for the end consumer.


A variety of techniques and materials.
A technological park of “MIR” Group comprises German, English and Dutch complexes of equipment for printing, complexes for making print patterns and embossing rollers, setting up of preliminary (trail) printing. Equipment and technologies of the factory provide us with opportunity to mix any materials and printing methods in various combinations. In turn, it allows receiving the final product of the supreme grade.


“Avangard” JSC
1/37 building, Lenina street,
Zaprudnya settlement, Taldom area,
Moscow region, 141960,

+7 (499) 704-66-46


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